Where who I am meets what I do...

I am a visual artist, curious adventurer and soul sister.

Throughout my life, I have worked through many creative mediums: as stylist, designer, and photographer.

I crave deep, authentic connections with people and love to explore the infinite possibilities through the art of transformation.

I gain inspiration from my frequent wanderings and I am drawn to places that are steeped in a deep sense of history, spirituality, and mystery – the more exotic, the better. I have seen the weathered stones of ancient, decaying forts and heard the calls to prayer in my dreams since I was a young girl.

They feel like home.

My travels become a catalyst for expansion outside the realms of day to day life.  I gather treasures along my journey - discarded books, papers, patterns, old texts – remnants of the cluttered life … the more imperfect the better. Insights, inspiration, freedom and meaning - all is fodder for my life and work.

Scents like frankincense, myrrh, copal and sandalwood resonate with me; music that I don’t understand; the call to prayer; church bells … all evoke a deep, familiar memory.

My work is my prayer…fragmented, unconscious. I paint, layer, cover over, rip up and wax. I build texture intuitively through repetition, and use a limited palette to calm the chaos and create order and a place of contemplation, history, and depth.

Creating from this place connects me deeply with my authentic, imperfectly perfect self, combining the ordinary with the sacred.

My journey is my calling and my passion has evolved to become an invitation to others to open, explore, honour, share and celebrate their own lives.

You can find me adventuring abroad, join me in a workshop or on an artist retreat, or in front of my easel.