An Invitation to YOU


At some point in our lives,
most of us feel a gentle calling of our soul...

Some of us need to hear loud and ear-deafening screams to wake up to what has been there all along.  We may imagine for years that we hadn't heard it until it gets louder and becomes so persistent that we cannot miss it any longer, a nagging that there is something missing, or a constant wondering if "this is all there is?"

The daily monotony we are caught up in has left us flat; the path that we are on does not feel like our own. Life feels at times lonely and something to be endured instead of celebrated.  Perhaps our heart tells us there is a better way to live, that we need to stop ignoring what really matters but our heads keep saying we should just get on with it, to the life we have created, whether consciously or not? Perhaps it feels like a crisis or breakdown, break-up...however or whatever it is, it is inviting us to take a journey. We may resist, but it will persist – for years, even longer. It is ultimately our choice. It will wait until we cannot avoid it, if we want to live the life we were meant to live.

If you have heard the call, if you want happiness and meaning in your life, you must walk into your truth.

No matter how scary or unfamiliar it feels, it is essential to you and ultimately the planet that you live from that place of your own unique sense of self.


I write this as I sit on my bed, in my soon-to-be-gone room in my recently-sold cottage, as I put my calling and long-ago desires into action. I listen to the voice that was once just a whisper in that long-ago time when I didn't understand it. I had chosen to ignore it, and for many, many years I was terrified to listen because if I did I would not be able to "unlisten", I would not be able to forget. By making the unknown known, I knew I would have to change my life if I listened.

I delayed and numbed myself with a myriad of things over the course of my life, anything but listen to what I needed to hear the most, my deep soul-filled desires. When I finally did listen, it became a fight for my life. In some way it had to get huge and undeniable for me to do for myself what I have encouraged others and supported others in doing my whole life. It took me 50 years to deem myself worthy of my own happiness, whatever that looks like to me. The journeys I have been on have been many. The most important one didn't require my beloved passport to arrive, but I do believe the adventures along the way were and are essential to my eventual ability to pick Me, to give Myself the ultimate gift:

To live my life going forward with honesty, bravery and grace, regardless of what others think.

May we all learn to trust ourselves,
our process, and show up to whatever is.