Field Notes from my journal :: arrival Morocco

“ All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveller is unaware

Listening to the Waves + Talking to the Stars

Letting go of everything and moving towards living from a place of truth, choosing what is the next right decision is what I am seeking as I sit amongst the waves and the stars.

Arriving to Morocco in August is giving me time to acclimate to my new surroundings, and take a pause as I sit at the beach. The heat is immense and most things slow down so getting out of the cities and to the ocean is necessary.


I have been to Tangier and the beaches around there and while beautiful they are filled with tourists from Europe being so close to Spain...found a lovely secluded beach a few hours down the coast and I have enjoyed being almost the only Caucasian in the midst of Moroccan families and a few camels enjoying the sea side town.

My days are filled with space and time and without a strong wifi signal I am being forced (not too difficult) to write, read and just be as I seek to stand and to be present to this new experience.


I hope that you too are finding time to pause and listen to some waves and talk to the stars wherever you are? It is a gift that could lead to radical shifts in what really matters.