The Art of Inspired Living


Inspiration aka stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc
to special or unusual actively or creativity

... says the dictionary.

I'll say that for me it is in action that inspiration taps me on the shoulder, in the process of doing activities in my life that I gain inspiration ... if I waited to be inspired my friends I may never have that feeling again lol...

When I am inspired it is a holy (indescribable feeling that is as close to the source as I have ever felt) It can happen while meditating, making art, painting a piece of furniture, making soup or getting lost down a alleyway in a Country that I don't call home.... for me I believe the common thread is that I am usually alone or what I say is,  with myself... it is like I can hear what is being said or felt in a clear way and with that the universe is in alignment with what I am (soul) meeting what I am doing (life.)

Not sure if this is universal but I started looking at the possible ways to shake life up and find your way to becoming inspired ~


Change Your Environment

Get out of the house and go somewhere new. For me it is quite literal....leaving to Morocco in November lol. A new environment can spark inspiration by giving you a new way of looking at things. But changing up your space can inspire. I often rearrange, repaint and repurpose my home to gain a new perspective.

It also forces me to declutter and reorganize as well which often get my creatively flowing in an different way...think feng shui.

Learn Something New

Get outside the boundaries of your own knowledge to learn something new. For me that is often is researching a place that I would love to visit or by taking an online class. Anything at all that you are curious about.

Learn about creating a website and writing blog posts..that might do is doing my head in but I am learning even if I find it a huge challenge...

Create a Vision Board

Think about what you want for your life and start envisioning it. Collect pictures and words that depict this life and bring them together in a vision board. I have one going at all time and it helps me stay focused on my path. My "Art of Creating my Life" any and everything that lights me up at the given time is represented on this board,  collage elements, quotes and anything that crosses my path.

...for me it is actually in a journal not on a board as I need to be able to put it away when the need for visual peace arises...OCD.

“Little by little, one travels far.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

Get Back to Nature

Take some time out in nature and appreciate its amazing beauty. Go for a walk, or simply have a picnic outside in a park of even your own yard or balcony. Think about creating a visual and gastronomical feast just for you. I often struggle to do this one as my first response isn't the great outdoors unless it is filled with amazing architecture and places I have never been but I am working on it.

I keep my nature cup filled more when I am in cities as I love to spend time pounding the pavement and getting lost with my camera in alleyways and streets that I do not know.

Visit Your Local Library

Library’s are full of creative inspiration. Spend some time browsing the shelves and get inspired by the beautiful images and interesting ideas. I often just show up and wander the stacks and see what spine draws me in.

I am  fortunate to have one just down the street and it is helping me curb my purchasing of many many books which in turn keeps me more on track with my desire to simplify.


Try a New Creative Art Form

If you’re a writer, try painting. If you are a gardener, cook. If you’re a musician, write a poem. If you think you are none of the above try starting a practice of morning pages to give yourself the freedom to express what you are feeling you may be surprised by what comes up.

Just begin something new...even if you don't finish it.

Keep a Notebook

Keep a notebook with you to write down thoughts and ideas whenever and wherever they come. This is a new to me idea. It may not seem ground breaking but it may serve as inspirational fodder at a future date as my memory is creatively challenged in its ability to recollect.

I now have this tiny book I pack around to jot things down...when I remember it is there.  Practice, hair om ~ not Perfection


Create an Altar

Making an altar to shine light on my intentions and desires. I fill them with gathered and found things…crystals, candles, photos, flowers and malas. Things that connect me to my soul. Altars are for you, not anyone else. Each altar I compose is a way to heighten my creative voice and honour what is.

i often have several altars, in different rooms of my cottage ... with different intentions for each.


Take some time to sit, be still and breathe. A place to be in your body. Life can be so busy that it can be difficult to get inspired. By taking the time out to meditate, you’ll give your self a chance to centre and ground. The quiet to hear what is being shown to you...often to busy, noisy to hear what you are trying to tell your I sit.

My art practice is akin to meditation for me this is why I have come to discover for me to create from that place isn't something I do in a group...solo all the way.


Give Yourself Time

Don’t rush yourself. Give yourself a day to just be and do whatever comes to you. You might be surprised at the inspiration that strikes when you least expect it. The unexpected needs room to be felt and heard, just be not just do.

I feel this is more most valuable gift I give myself....time.

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine. Try something you’ve never done before that pushes you out of your comfort zone. By breaking the routine of your daily life, you’ll encourage the flow of ideas. Say yes to the adventure that is sitting before you, know the one that you want to go on.... just do it!!

If you are being called to it there is a reason, your job is to show up and make it happen ~ take inspired creative action.

Watch a Foreign Film

Sometime the next best thing to actually being away is to allow myself the gift of taking a journey into a foreign film. I often begin with the thought of "I don't have the head for it, the reading of subtitles " but I can tell you how more often than not I am left filled with inspiration and insights.

A different culture, language and usually different subject matter than the typical North American garbage.


Journal Your Thoughts

Journalling can be a powerful release and allow creative inspiration both now and in the future. Your journal is your special space to be open and free with your words, letting what is within out. I have a "Portable Artist Studio" aka journal that I use to hold everything from insights,  to gratitude lists as well as some were to sketch, collage and work things out on paper.

Ask Someone Their Greatest Life Lessons

Seeking the wisdom of others can be incredibly inspiring. Ask someone you admire what the greatest lessons they have learned so far, this is beyond magic to hear in all of our differences, the sameness we all share. years of spending time with clients has left me full with all the stories + lessons that have been passed on to me.

Begin Today

Sometimes to get inspired, you just need to just start!  Inspiration comes from doing. It can only show up in actionso get your materials out.....

Start creating something even if it's ugly!


peace create love travel

Michelle xox