The Artists Quarters: featuring Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
Q & A about home with other artists and people I admire.


What is home to you:


My boys.

- nothing like being ‘homeless’ and living out of suitcases, abroad and thousands of miles from family for two years to teach me what it truly means to have ‘home’.


Minimalist or Maximalist:

Minimal. totally. toss and live free

Colourful or Neutral?

Neutral, but this hasn’t always been the case!

Best recent acquisition for your home:

The removal of 15 trees

Next Acquisition :

Sheet rock for my 3rd floor studio ceiling


Reach more, teach more, inspire more ~

What do you collect:

Pigs. My fourth son was born in the Chinese year of the pig. At the time his dad worked with a lot of Asians who gifted pigs to Patrick. I have since grown quite a collection! These, and rusty things I’ve picked up off of dozens of US, NZ, AU and Bali city streets~

Favourite spot in your home:

Third floor turret room. Peace.

Rapunzel land

What drives your aesthetic decisions:

Internal resonance. It just happens. I can see it before it’s there then I create it and it lives. Not always as I saw it before, in fact hardly ever, and yet very much the same as well~


Favourite top 10 things for your home:


Third floor.

Front window.

Art on walls.

New bathroom.

Backyard. as it will come to be and yet as it is as well.

View to the back.

Front wall with new landscaping.


Proximity to CBD

Morning Ritual:

Start at 3-4am, coffee cozy chair holiday lights for lighting, journal, devotionals, God, thoughts, peace.

Family Heirloom:

The table guest coffee is prepared on each morning

Where do you create:

Everywhere. The entire house. John is amazingly gracious in having let me pretty much take over at will wherever I need/want to be….all the rooms are my ‘gallery’ and just about every surface not needed for guests is used for creating something at any given time…baking not to be ignored in that creating

Do you have a daily creative practice:

Not really. There is not a day that does not included creating though. I consider it not only happening when I hold a brush, pencil or charcoal but also a spatula, grill tongs or simply the ideas in my head creating new ways to reach, teach and inspire~


Favourite top 10 art supplies:


Oil paint.




China markers.

Ampersand boards of all make.

RivesBFK printmaking paper.

Silk thread.


Best Gift Given:

My boys the freedom to leave me. <sniff>

Best Gift Received:

My boys returning to me in friendship and confidence. <sniff sniff>

Favorite Hobby or Pastime:

Beer. Books. Backyard.

Favourite thing to eat + drink:

Burger and Beer.

Best place visited this past year:

New Orleans.

Best thing about what you do:

Freedom to listen to my self, gut, inner voice, intuition, spirit.

The thing you love most about where you live:

The anticipation of what it will be.

What is on your bedside table: 

Two paintings done in the first city in which I exhibited in Australia, a love note from John, my reading glasses, a paper coaster with quotes jotted on it, two vials of essential oil, a candle and a pouch of worry dolls Sue Stover gave me in Australia (which I put under my pillow some nights~)

Next dream for yourself:

To hold my peace and joy each day. Not be shaken.

To sell regularly in galleries so the production of my art can be ongoing due to demand. I tend to grow to doubt myself and lag in creativity when too much collects around the studio~

Best wish for those you love:

Live your real you.

Biggest Ask for the whole world:

Live your real you!

For more info on what is happening at Open Studio’s at the Encausticastle in Lexington,  EncausticampUS or EncausticampINT'L check out Patricia at[/vc_column_text]