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The Artists Quarters: Q + A  about home with other artists and people I admire.
In honour of my birthday I thought I would start with me.

Best recent acquisition for you home:

Two new to us Adirondack chairs to sit outside and watch the town go by.

Next Acquisition :

I hope that my next purchase is shaped like a container to put on my property to hold our belonging that I took out of our bedroom lol.


The journey is the Destination.

What do you collect:

Passport stamps. I would have to say memories and artifacts from my travels. Lately it has been all about textiles.

Favourite spot in your home:

First would be my studio, and second my bed even if it is in the living room.

Favorite Source:

Would have to be flea markets and local market in the countries I visit.

What drives your aesthetic decisions:

I would have to say texture + history. I have a deep rooted connection to things that have had a life before I acquire them. I find beauty in the most obscure places and for me found treasures add layers of personality and interest to a home.


Family Heirloom:

I would have to say most of what I have and love is preowned but not necessarily by my family. They were quick to get rid of all that I would have deemed treasures. I may have been switched at births none of my family members have my love of preowned things.

Best Gift recently given:

I would have to say a little handmade purse that I gave my granddaughter Chloe. I showed her the photograph of the small girl that made it in a village in Gujarat India. Chloe seemed to enjoy the connection. I hope to one day to share my love of travel with her.

Best Gift received:

That would have to be the health care that that my partner received after a serious  heart attack. Thankful for our Canadian Healthcare the fabulous Cardiac Team.

Favorite Hobby or Pastime:

Travel, as much as I can, as far as I can and for as long as I can.

Best place visited this past year:

Would have to be India. It has been 9 years since I had been and my love for it and the people have been reignited and I look forward to taking a group back with me in January 2017 to experience the local artisans and inspiration that are everywhere. There is details on my website.



Best thing about what you do:

I would have to say that each day is always something different. Working with so many different elements. Each morning is a new adventure. The heart connections I make along the way.

The thing you love most about where you live:

The flexibility and creativity that comes from living in a small live/work space that house’s all of my artistic endeavours. The ability to walk everywhere because we are on the right on the main street, as well as being only two blocks from the ocean. Also great transit to the airport in Vancouver.

What is on your bedside table:

Kinfolk, Selvedge, The Shopkeeper’s Home, Book + Art, The Gift, The Swallow’s of Kabul, Indigo and Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility. Can’t seem to stay up long enough to get through my stack. The inspiration in that pile is fodder for a life work right there.

Peace + Paint + Freedom to be…50