Getting Waxed in the Desert

Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
— Leo Burnett

This beeswax and damar is better travelled than some of us, and I can tell you that this travelling box has made me the happiest artist in the Sahara!!

As I was setting up to start making medium to get ready for a group coming to experience the art of adding wax to photography, the wind picked up and the power cut and I am waiting in anticipation of the smell of wax wafting through my makeshift studio here in the desert.

Finally power is back and I have scrounged around this little desert town and located some makeshift containers to make my medium ... added some natural pigments with my mask, cloves on, and voila, we have encaustic paint!!

Off to Marrakech to bring some creatives here to experience some magic together at the Sandcastle.

The Desert sure has a way of letting you know if you ever forget you really are not in control of much. They tell me here in the desert that this is life . . . they say it in a way that seems so natural and clear, looking at me like I am bit crazy for thinking any other way?