The Art of a Nomad

Berbere Poetry

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”


It's been awhile, months I so believe . . . time is a funny thing? Someways time is fleeting and isn't something to hold onto and yet at the same time it is an illusion of sorts, time, being timely, man made system that needs to be adhered to but here in Morocco it makes the thought laughable!! Which is entirely another post!!

This is a short post to see if I can manage this squarespace site, unlike my beautiful custom wordpress site, which I have to say was something of a struggle for me and it's unending need to have it updated and worked on by others? Those others were costly and too busy to continue to help regularly, and with time being a expensive commodity in the West and with my inability to speak Darija or French, getting help on this side of the planet was not likely . . . the delinquency of posting and being precent on that site had left me with a choice, to let it go or transfer it over to a more user friendly but generic squarespace template.

Well, I guess you can see what won out,  here I am writing a post and uploading an image, by myself . . . from that perspective, something is better than nothing. Speaking of that, my pop up studio/atelier in Marrakech is giving me the ability to get back to work, the work of adding marks, and paint to substrates, yay!! So with that, I will leave you with a few pieces of linen that I have been working on - like all things since I have relocated to Morocco, the mediums, the substrates and the environment are all different and with dedication to finding my way through art + words, I  will see where this journey takes me, inshallah!


peace + paint