Heading to Morocco



I can't believe than in 9 more sleeps I will be flying to Marrakech ... it has been on my "get there" list for years ... nothing like an invitation and the actualization of a little girls dream to get this magic carpet airborne.  Some years ago I had the good fortune of reaching out another creative in the carpet business who ended up being a fellow Canadian. Jackie and I kept touch, I believe she was living in my much loved country of Turkey then...but as we all know most people that could have relocated do to the unrest. Jackie has been residing in Marrakech  ever since and as she puts it...it is home (the place that one feels the most at peace).


Who I am meets what I do....

I was extended an invite and the universe conspired with an amazingly affordable flight deal to Morocco, and the support from my family to fly and spread my magic carpet of wanderlust and go....Like most things in my life, if it feels right I do it and trust the rest will figure it self out in the end and in that faith I stand...

In my 50 years I have come to understand this deep knowing that comes from deep listening to what and how I feel....when I pay attention and have no attachment to the outcome....the bigger plan unfolds and I bear witness to unbelievable journey I am part of and by saying YES to the very best next thing for me, I get to have my deepest dreams unfolding into reality.  Along my path,  I continue to be joined and introduced to other amazing creators... by playing to our individual strengths and with some help and hard work from others,  I get to share with you...

the artists and the gypsy collective

The Art of Travel...Inspired Journeys

We are a creative art + travel collective brought together by a shared passion for people, art, and travel.

We hope to inspire travel exploration + community while making connections, creations and finding inspiration along the way.

We seek to expand your life and practice through workshops and gatherings with a desire to create community within our group as well as with local artists, artisans and businesses while staying as close to the ground as possible in unique places around the globe.

All of our 'Art of Travel' journeys are designed to inspire your art and your life with a rich tapestry of experiences curated by us, while incorporating our perfectly perfect ideals in all of our adventures. Supporting local artists + collectives and learning from them and incorporating ancient techniques and art forms into our handmade itineraries and then bringing them home to our lives and studios.


We invite you to join us and together we can create and inspire your life and your art.

I am in the process of having my website updated to hold space for the upcoming workshops + retreats.

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peace...paint...fly free

michelle xo