Inspired Journey India February 2017


The Art of Travel, Inspired Journey India 2017: the first of what will be many art and travel adventures! We were joined by 10 wonderful creative souls for this exotic adventure in Rajasthan. And so, I write this post at the other end of this beautifully inspiring and life altering trip.

Before our journey even began, Sue and I went with our guide Richi to a local school in his village just outside of Jaipur.I got to meet the children and people of that community during their Republic Day. Much to my surprise I was asked to give an impromptu speech to a large group of village members, students and elders at a celebration that I didn't know we would be attending. (It is in the unexpected and unplanned that the most impactful and transformational moments occur, so while building out this trip -- and in all the trips to come -- I  always leave space for serendipity ... travelling like there will be a next time, instead of filling every moment with an itinerary that leaves nothing to the Divine ...)

Our fellow travellers started out as strangers and ended as friends. A group art show based on each artist’s inspiration will be held in California in 2018, thanks to one of the loveliest artists I have had the good fortune of getting to know: Flo Bartell. More to come as plans firm up ...

Here are several of my photos from the trip:


It was a trip never to be forgotten. What started as an art and travel experience shifted to a spiritual journey for Scott Jolley. He has started a time-limited Kickstarter campaign to fund his beautiful compilation of photos and thoughts from his journey with us. Visit Scott's Kickstarter Campaign to learn more.

These kind words give a little taste of the experience:

"Nothing compares to learning about a new country and her art and culture at the ground level. You did an amazing job of facilitating that in our trip to India. We were able to interact with locals, see them at work, eat their food, and learn from them. The trip was well planned and executed. Kudos for keeping the group small, finding the perfect local guide, and arranging for hotels that gave us even more opportunity to get to know the Indian people. Our tour was an incredible experience. Thank you." - Flo B

"I personally knew Sue and Michelle, so trusted that the trip would be well done. What I got was a trip that profoundly impacted me in a life-giving way. Each day was an adventure full of new sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and full of experiences and interactions with local artisans creating their crafts. The people were generous and open to our presence. My studio time at home will have a long-lasting positive impact from the adventure." -Amanda J

"The trip was perfect. There was something about the jumble of chaos of India and a nice blend of art, architecture, meeting people, and hands on fun that made it so. This could not have been possible without the meticulous planning of Michelle and Sue! It was a luxury to have a morning briefing of what my wonderful day would contain, all transportation within steps, new exciting adventures every day and all of this wrapped in the blanket of the knowledge, security, and the care of our leaders and guide." - Donna B.


I'm starting to pack my bags for my scouting mission to Morocco. Yes, there are 3 more adventures in the works! Morocco in November 2017, and Rajasthan and Gujarat in mid January and February 2018. I would love to have you along on ... watch the newsletters for early bird pricing!

With an open mind, open heart, and a carry-on,

Your creative guide,

Michelle x