Is Your Life Your Canvas?

Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint you can at it. - Danny Kaye


Your life is your canvas.

At least this is what I tell myself as I collage together a new existence and studio here in the desert.

The process is often chaotic, not unlike the middle stages of a piece of art, waiting to grow up and resolve itself.

You can push or you can be patient.


Sometimes I think it will end up where it is meant either way – being fluid and present to myself is the only real control I have over any of it.

Listening to myself.

Trusting the next move or stroke to be in alignment to what is my path or my painting's journey to completion, however random and distorted it can seem at the time.

Just letting it be, and being connected to the feelings around it, even if they are unsettling at the time.


I have been trying to set up my studio here in the Sahara and while not where I would have liked to be or expected, it is where I am.

I have wax which wasn't true a couple of days ago. I have a skillet and a heat gun.


What I am waiting on now is a window, to keep the sand mostly out. We have been in a Sandstorm for the last 2 weeks and with it have come many delays in getting things done in a timely and efficient manner.

I have supplies that are waiting to be used but I can’t until the window and the carpenter to install it show up – could be a day or a week. Nobody knows for sure, but like the middle of a piece, it too will resolve itself.


Until then I will keep gathering inspiration for the new series of work that is building steadily inside of me, as I translate the experiences that have unfolded and continue to here on a daily bases in the wild edges of the Sahara.

Peace + Paint

Michelle x