Love List - August 2016



Some things that has crossed my path this month that I find interesting, inspiring or insightful. Art, artists, authors, people, places, blogs, book etc…


While trying to be mindful,  I paid attention and gave my time to what spoke to me this summer, whatever that was on any given day .…  I drank lots of tea, read books, worked in the atelier and even painted a wall…  it did seem important that day that I paint that one wall black, that sort of inspired imperfect action that calls to me to seemingly randomly acts and whatever I thought I was going to do that day fell to the wayside and the wall went from white to black.  I am getting really good at  “doing me”….whatever lights me up, I do as much of that as I can. The world needs us all too ~




1/  I after some time had my open house for my Atelier/Studio in July…was lovely to have people stop by and check out my art + treasures. My online shop should be all up and running this fall…what is it they say, it takes twice a long and 20% more…not sure but in its right time it will be whatever it is meant to be that I do know for sure.


2/  I had a fabulous time at Patricia's Encausticamp in Dumas Bay, Washington. Lovely as always to connect with some of my art crew and I love having the opportunity to meet new ones. He(art) connections are the best. I have been going for the last 5 years and it truly has become part of what I do for me. When I think of it I recall having a deep desire to learn what encaustic  medium was. It would stop me in my tracks when I would see a piece in a show, I would somehow get lost  in it's mystery and depth.  As I googled around trying to find someone to reach me, teach me… I had the great fortune to connect with Trish That one decision to go to camp transformed me in ways that I am still walking my way through. The gift of showing up to yourself...going by yourself to learn something new and in the action of following the bread crumbs of that curiosity I have been working in wax ever since and have added an amazing network of friends and mentors to my life. Thanks Patricia and all the many beautiful souls that I now hold in my heart as soul sisters and brothers.


3/  My friend Susan Stover, teaching partner in “The Art of Travel” Inspired Journey to India has her new website up an running which is amazing,  looking forward to what she adds to the blog portion after all the inspiration + insights that will be shared with our group in India as we road trip through Rajasthan in January 2017.  With Sue’s knowledge and love of textiles she will be in her element for sure.


4/  Still  working on my website and looking forward to becoming more proficient in the future.…namaste Steve. I am blown away by your abilities. Way more to the development of a website than I ever knew, sort of equating it to building a house, takes 3 builds to get it sorted. Thank you Bryonna, Leah, Steve, Kaylan and Lauren. It truly does take a village.


5/  I am a couple days off from flying to Europe and I am packing my carry-on to leave for Amsterdam for a short stop over (3 days) then on to Florence (8 days) to participate in Patricia Seggebruchs’ Encaustic’Intl Italy….a spot became available and I shifted things as I so often do in my life to make space for what I love, Art + Travel… new connections, creations and inspirations all beautifully packaged under the Tuscan Sun. Between art supplies, camera and laptop there isn’t much room for clothes or toiletries. Flying Ryanair between Amsterdam + Florence is making packing a feat in creativity for sure. Freedom is less stuff right? Freedom is my word, tattooed on my forearm, so this is what it means... an open mind and a carry on.




6/  Hoping to make a quick stop to the talented artist Ron van der werf’s Atelier when in the Netherlands this time. I have admired his work forever and haven’t had the ability to connect in person but I and putting in on the list of what to fit in this visit, he invited me to come to his studio so…I would love to get to see his work up close and personal and meet the man behind the art. Check his work out.


7/  My good friend Daniella Rubinowitz of the amazing Atelier Molepad in Amsterdam is starting a fabulous new addition to her SMART intuitive painting sessions…making them available live via the web so anyone can participate all over the world. Given the fact that a lot of us have come to her from abroad this is an amazing way to continue the work with her.  Also looking forward to helping Judy Wise, Katie Kendrick and Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch teach retreats in that fabulous Atelier in 2017. Working with Daniela in hosting other artists from abroad in Amsterdam in 2017, 2018 is a dream come true so sign up to my newsletter, I will post info there with the details as they are made available.


8/  Got the plans for my new studio/apartment finally drawn up and it will be amazing to watch the process of bringing this to fruition. There has been an insane building, real estate boom that has both driven the prices of everything up absurdly as well as made the possibility of finding reliable trades a bit sketchy. Good things come to those that wait….or the next idea that could shift the outcome. Flexibility is my new black.


9/  The dutchman bought me a Fiat convertible this summer, was a cool surprise even if I don’t drive very often. Living on the main street of town and working from home makes driving not a daily necessity, but I have to say I have made myself a few to do’s that require going further afield just so I can drive the fabulous fun car with the top down before the rain comes.


10/  Signed up for the Art Crawl here in October. Looking forward to seeing how that will be…I am having a couple of food artisans share my Atelier and serve some art for your insides that weekend too.

If you are around pop by 5758 Cowrie St.

I would love share what I am creating with you.


As I write  what I love + spent time my time on these past 2 months I am in awe of what my life is... rich with amazing people, inspiring adventures and creative passions.  I am beyond grateful for continuing to seek and follow my inner guidance system #IGS or really what is the “doing me” approach to my life. A wise women taught me, so many years ago….if I opened myself up to the path that was before me and made an effort to do the work that was there for me to do, not spend my energy trying to change or do others people stuff that my life would transform one feeling, decision, action, choice at a time….dropping from my head to my heart I am now standing further down my path and I can view the journey from a different perspective than my younger self and I feel like I am  living my right life …no more costumes or trying out others versions of what life should look like, what I should wear, be, or say…….freedom to be who I truly am ~ coming home to myself. Perfectly imperfect, flawed and fabulous. Freedom 50 Fuck ya!!


being  bold, brave, and fearless.


Peace,  Paint  + Travel

Michelle xo[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]