Love List - October 2016


A monthly list of some things that have crossed my path.
Things I find interesting, inspiring or insightful. Art, artists, authors, people, places, blogs, book etc.


“You get your intuition back when you make space for it, when you stop the chattering of the rational mind."
- Anne Lamott

     It is almost the middle of the month...1 1/2 weeks from The Sunshine Coast Art Crawl.  Someone asked me today if I was busy preparing for it and I paused for a moment...yes in fact I was or rather am busy but creating for the art crawl doesn't have my sole focus.  I have been rapt in the creation of my new project...

Like most things with me, they aren't very in fact,  they never are..... while it can be frustrating for some people that work with me (myself included) I have come to see it as a gift, that it is.   You see while I get momentum going on a project and what is the simple next step often veers me off on an impending detour, a fork in the road....that often is the beginning of another sometimes unrelated project.   But... if you stick around long enough it comes back around to what would be a better result in the end....often with a few shifts or alterations but surely better that the initial concept.

That straight-line that I used to try to adhere.... whether in school,  business,  art, essentially all of my  life....truly round hole into square peg or perhaps square peg into a round whole, nightmare at school for sure...tears, tantrums....lots of days missed.  The way that in which I naturally navigate a project is essentially how I tackle all of my life...  the same patterns, systems,  strategies, behaviours and rituals...because I am me, wired uniquely and lovingly weird....essential when collaborating with others  I try to convey my way of creating,  works well with some and not so great with others but such is life. When I think of the energy I used to expend  trying to be other than that in which I was, trying to learn and process the way that I just couldn't...not wouldn't!!


Turns out that one of my strengths lies in my flexibility and ability to embrace change and perhaps even flourish in it,  so I decided some time ago to honour my innate natural way of being and started approaching all areas of  life with the same compassion, love and curiosity that I do with anything else that comes along my path ....breathe, observe and trust that there is a different plan at play, that is often not visible at the time....if fact when I take a wander down memory lane I can follow the thread that runs through it all and I have more often than not,  gone down the path less travelled or the deserted alleyway, against the mainstream...and it has always led me to my next best place,  and I have to say that I am pretty stoked to be where I have been and know all that I know about myself and others and from that perspective there are truly no wrong paths or detours. As long as I have spent my energy focusing on me, my piece, the journey continues to unfold in the most unexpected, often unplanned but seemingly imperfectly perfect long as we listen deeply to our inner voice and do our next best thing.

So I now just allow myself to BE exactly where I am, showing up for the next best decision, one at a time based on how it hasn't let me down yet and for a gal like me who loves adventures in our one and only  precious life,  I am always eager to explore my wild edges in life and in art.


Speaking of exploring,  I am having the best time creating "The Field Guide" for my Art of Travel Inspired Journey's...

Taking my love of travel, art, photography and writing.... binding and bundling them together in a beautiful way,   creating a guide to accompany you on your journey either at home or abroad...The reality of spending time with other creators connecting and sharing our journeys  is truly my deepest and wildest dream coming into reality....

When I set upon embarking on "my next".... sharing my love of travel and exploration with others by way of "the Gypsy" me.... taking" the Artists" you on a journey abroad,  I had no way of forecasting what would show up... if I actually stood in that... oh so terrifying spot of walking my dreams into reality....but what I am learning for sure is that you truly can't predict what you don't know,  you can't see around corners, around bends, over hills and through time.......

As I try to document my journey and share it with you all, with all our sameness and our differences, our mutual love of creating and sharing our lives whether online or in actually gives me goosebumps when I think about the fact that I get making the next right. best decision for myself I have walked it out to be what could very well be me living my dream ~

If you could see me now sitting on my island of a bed, magazines, books and papers piled or rather scattered upon my duvet (rumpled linen, my favourite ). The smell of my Fall Forever candle wafting through the air, sandalwood incense burning and cold herb tea sitting on my bedside...laptop on my lap....I suddenly have an image of myself sitting on the floor of my room, I must of been about 8, in fact I think I spent many years doing it...sitting with a pile of magazines, papers heaped on top of one another and a typewriter on the floor...I was writing, I was taking what was in my head, my imagination and giving it expression.

I don't think until just now that I realized what I was in fact home life was so distorted and the levels of abuse ran so deep that I never really gave much thought to what I doing while I was hiding in my room, alone. I knew I spent hours and hours alone  trying to avoid him but I never gave any thought to what I actually doing while in ability to remember that memory,  write it and continue on in wonderment and curiosity shows me how much work I truly have done....I am enormously grateful...


“Little by little, one travels far.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

These are few things that crossed my path that I thought I'd share, feel free to share what's is up or interesting for you ~

This book crossed my path and I love the premise, how about you?

Just put in my order for my winter essential oils, what are you favourites?

Coveting these items that are of course from the Netherlands

I am taking a eco dying workshop this weekend by Caitlin Ffrench, in Sechelt. Any body else joining as well?

My head is starting to catch up with the idea that in 3 short weeks I will be in Marrakech...rock the Casbah!!

Articles and Interviews

I am certain many more interesting people and fab things have come my way this last month and as I get more proficient with the workings of this blog perhaps my life will become more balanced and I can actually document them as I go...ha!!

I think there was a time that I actually spent way more time perusing the internet, Pinterest, Remodelista etc. but now it seems my time is spent in the brain draining (strictly right-brained) learning curve.

"Progress not perfection" is the mantra in learning to navigate in what is this website ...

Peace. Paint + Inspired Living

Michelle xo