Love List - September 2016


A monthly list of some things that has crossed my path. Things I find interesting, inspiring or insightful.
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Hello Wonder Seekers

I'm curled up in bed, writing this love list to you. This past month has been challenging…I know self-care is one of the hardest things to do, especially when we are mentally taxed. But it is one of the best things you can do not only for yourself, but for everyone in your life. Unless you are replenished, you cannot give.

So here I am again.…seems as though when life is difficult I connect yet again with what is going on around me, how I feel and that being reflected back to me in the energy I have been expending in the area of self care and often the lack thereof.

For me the catalyst is usually a break in routine usually involving travel (poor me, right?)…even though I would not be what I would say a highly regimented person I do have a rhythm of sort and rituals that are in place however loosely when I am at home. But I seemingly have forgotten about some of them…again lol !!

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi

And so I decide it was time to started to take care of myself. I will wake up a little earlier than I usually do so I can meditate, have a cup of coffee and get outside for a walk at the very least. I will build in more journal writing time. I did some brain dump journalling last night and upon reading and reflecting this morning some things are becoming abundantly clear that I in fact haven’t wanted to acknowledge and then to have to therefore to deal with…. These seemingly small actions actually make it easier for me to be heart entered and move forward on my path…

A little short but I am after consistent practice -- progress not perfection! Here is my Love List for September ….

- Amsterdam in 6 days…it never gets old. Biking around those cobblestone streets and alleyways. Scouting interesting places to visit and eat while merging my love of Art + Travel and sharing with others.


- Flying to Pisa and on to Florence to attend Patricia Baldwin Seggebrush’s EncausticampInt’l Italy. It was rather last minute for me but when a spot came available and I got the “your up” on the cancellation list e-mail…so I did what I always do when faced with an opportunity, I see if it resonates with my heart and this trip did, so I moved my.. what if, I shouldn’t, can afford to and just said yes and trusted that I (the Universe) would find a way and so far it has. We all have priorities and right now mine are to answer yes when an opportunity opens up and it feels right! I will deal with later, later if I get the chance to be there…


-I joined an online photography class and it has been so very long since I have paid any real attention to which was really one of my first creative outlets….I remember spending hours in the dark room in the anticipation of what would appear…with a huge gap with very intermittent picking up of my camera followed then by the introduction of smart phones I am here once again…having to show up with a beginner’s mind….and the digital age of Lightroom + Photoshop. We shall see how this progresses but I must say thus far the images I get to see others share and the sense of community in place, I love it already..


-If you have a few moment you may enjoy this article, I know I did…As we continue with our journey of transformation, we leave the solo-time with the insights and gifts that follow an intimate and vulnerable experience of retreat and reflection. We cross another threshold as we commit to bringing these gifts into the world and our insights to life. In crossing this threshold, we’re making, as David Whyte challenges, “a promise it will kill you to break.”

- I am in the middle of creating an intro to… (He)Art Journalling aka The Portable Artist Studio… the idea of that many of my friends have that they are not creative or can't make art or paint, combined with the deep rooted and essential pleasure that has come to me from being self expressed through many years of writing, flinging paint and paper in the form of a book are opening me up to sharing my love with you all.... The place that I turn to to document the details, the high, the lows and all the insights and inspiration that crosses my path while on the road or at home. While working on the upcoming “The Art of Travel, Inspired Journey to India” I have been compiling prompts for journalling as well as photography as we try to capture and hold on to what inspires us, our insights, impressions and feelings from our adventures together in India ~

I will add a link on my newsletter to it when it is available and so please sign up ~

And no, you really do not have to be frightened of picking up a paintbrush, glue, paper and paints. It might take you some time and effort to become comfortable with them but this is why it is a called a practice. HARI OM


-I could hang out here for hours, perhaps days.

“Every moment alters what came before. We reach across layers of time for the memories of our memories.”

-Just when I thought I wouldn't be buying any more books I got to see this grand bit of news...the lovely + talented Jeanne Oliver got a book deal!!!  This is surely one book I will have to own so who am I kidding but myself in thinking no more books will be bought ha!   So very happy for you and your family Jeanne.  Update June 2018 - the book has arrived!

As I write what I love + spent time on this past month, I am grateful for all I have gotten to do and with whom I have shared it!  I am beyond grateful for continuing to seek and wander the path before me in all its perfectly imperfect, flawed and fabulous turns.

Peace Paint Travel

In Gratitude

michelle xo