The Portable Artist's Studio



The Portable Artist Studio




The Portable Artist Studio is where we will learn to explore and create wherever we are. By having your portable Artist Studio aka Journal with you wherever you go and honouring and developing a daily ritual of practice in art and self expression in the everyday.


I hope to inspire people to get out of their own way and fearlessly create and express them selves however and wherever they are. Your life is your art.


Sometimes we get to be nomads + gypsies and travel far away,  I love that my travels have allowed me to build beautiful new connections, sketch and write while , sipping tea as I am being inspired by locals, art and architecture. I have learned with practice to get out of my own way and create wherever I am and for me that means home as well.


I have learned to find the beauty in the everyday. That matter where you go there you are… This is the practice that has stretched me most as an artist and a human being, the practice of having a place to hold space for me. A sacred container, vessel that is just for me.


In observing and honouring my own life in a daily practice and opening my journal wherever I am….using photography, sketching, architecture, people, cafes, painting, connecting, history, papers and  beauty …whatever is in the everyday.


I invite you to go boldly, fearlessly and begin the  exploration into your life and encourage daily practice, use what you have and to create wherever you go.

I hope you will join me!

Let this be where you become your favourite destination!


Journal to Know

One of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves is self-knowledge. All of our decisions, our dreams and our creations come alive when aligned with the power of our true selves. A journal can help us discover or rather recover who we are.


Journal to Discover

One of the of amazing thing about journaling is that it reveals to us all sorts of things that we didn’t know we knew. As our hand glides across the page, we begin to hear our own truth expressed in brand new ways. We come face to face with intuitive insights, unexpected ideas and unexpressed dreams. As we discover what lies within, we are able to guide our lives by our inner compass.


Journal to Express

Your journal is a safe place for everything that is within you. It is a place where you are free to fully express the real you without inhibition, without judgment or fear. In your journal you can say, do and be exactly who you are.




Journal to Explore

Your journal is like your studio. It’s a place where you can explore options, play with possibilities and dance with ideas. You are free to imagine, envision and invent. Follow inspiration wherever it leads and you never know just where you’ll end up!


Journal to Create

Your journal can be a conduit for creation. Drawings, stories, poetry, songs, designs _ all of these things and more can come to life between the covers of your journal.


Journal to Think

Your journal is the perfect place to work things out, to wrestle with questions. Use your journal to think things through, to wonder and to question. It’s the perfect place for brainstorming. What seems a confusing jumble in our mind can often become clear on the page.


Journal to Remember

Your journal can be a place where you gather the moments of your day, where all the things you want to remember can be lovingly tended and kept. From your to-do list to all of your dreams, to all your gratitudes, your journal can be a snapshot of this moment in time.


Journal to Ground & Release

A regular practice of journaling allows us to release excess energy, emotional and stress we might not even realize we’re carrying. It allows us to connect with ourselves and remember who we are, giving us ground to stand on and allowing us to release what no longer serves us.


Journal to Be

Your journal is your journal. You can be, say, do anything you want on your pages. There is room for all of you – it all belongs… the moody and the focused, the sad, the grateful. Whoever you are in this very moment, however you are feeling, all you have to do is show up to your journal and be that.


Peace + Paint + be fearless


Michelle xo[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]