The Sense of Sound

“ Listening is such a simple act. It requires us to be present, and that takes practice, but we don't have to do anything else. We don't have to advise, or coach, or sound wise.
We just have to be willing to sit there and listen. 

- Margaret J. Wheatley

S O U N D, the sense that is to me the most elusive yet is deeply rooted to our souls. It evokes memory, time and place and often in the case of music, expresses what we feel but often can’t express to others or ourselves!

It goes straight to the root, I often can hear myself easier when I have ambient music on in the background when trying to find words or meaning ~ it somehow drowns out the monkey chatter, that machine that spins constantly, you know the one that makes, judgments, lists, nagging comments is like it give that part of my brain a rest, resembling that feeling you experienced when you are  in the flow, and you forget yourself and you just are...deeply connected to your source...


There are many sounds that we experience throughout our day and while I don’t set out to consciously seek them, I am always listening...I take a lot of photos while I travel and wonder through the world and my visual story usually comes together easily but the documentation  of sound isn’t as easy to access...

So I thought I would invite you to spend some time consciously documenting what sounds you hear. Like smells, sound,  has a way of connecting us directly back to an experience or memory. Maybe like me the noise of traffic, sandals flopping throughout the sand, the bellowing of donkeys,  the chatter of a language that you don’t understand, the busker playing his drum or my most favourite of all is listening to the Muezzin calling the faithful to pray here in Morocco five times a day. Not only does it sound beautiful, it reminds me to stop, listen and give gratitude to all. The sounds that inhabit my day are often vastly complex and layered in a way that I must consciously listen to decipher each noise and allow myself to both feel the emotion or memory that it brings forth.


Take a piece of paper and chronicle the sounds of your day. Spend some time in your Journal writing about the different sounds that shape your day and whether they bring you joy, comfort, happiness or perhaps reconnect you back to a memory or time in your life you would rather forget.

Pay attention to the children laughing, the birds that sing and the voices of people that you love. At least once a day turn off all the noise and listen to your breathe and your own heart, they root you to your soul and give you direction to wander your own unique journey, yourself!

Peace & Paint

Michelle  xo