SO... This IS 50


On my 49th birthday - May 6, 2015 - I made a promise to myself to start an online journal. My inspiration for this was to have somewhere to connect and communicate and share my adventures with others. To have conversations that are relevant to my life and hopefully to others as well. I turned 50 today and this is my first entry to what is my new space to connect, create and share. I am an visual artist, photographer and curator of fabulous things from around the globe. I am a traveller. My friends and family call me Gypsy, which speaks to my wanderlust…more fitting than my given name.


My family and I live in a quaint small cottage on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. We moved in almost a year ago when our plans to move overseas changed abruptly. The process of finding and turning this little cottage into a home, workroom/studio, as well as a soon to open “Atelier” has been quite an adventure but being open, flexible and having a sense of humour has been an huge asset. This cottage had been made into a commercial building, it’s location being on the main street so while the potential was great,  the kitchen and bath had been removed. So upon possession and after painting everything I could white.  We carved out a new petite kitchen, good thing big kitchens aren't my thing and next we added a clawfoot tub into the one and only washroom, much to my teenage sons horror. We’ve ended up living in the smallest space we have ever occupied but small is the new black… isn’t it?  What is my thing,  is having an art studio and as I required more space than I was originally given,  I stared looking to find more in this tiny home. With no real options what was our bedroom is now my working studio. Pending the potential build of a studio/carriage house in the backyard or putting up a yurt…whatever works, based on the local district’s current bylaws and the rising costs.  Our bed is now in the living room.  As I type this and I sit atop my lovely linens and textiles I have brought back from my frequent wanderings, and gaze at my mantel that was just used as a prop for a photo shoot. Flexibility + creativity is essential to living this life. This home need to expand and contract as needed and reflect my values and priorities, I am eternally grateful to my family for their support and willingness to share this artistic life I lead while waiting to see what is next…as my eye for design could have us living in the yurt by summer.


What I know for sure is next… May 14th I leave for Amsterdam for 2 weeks while I help my colleague Kathie Vezzani  hold an art retreat for artists who love to travel.  After that I am off to Marrakesh for 5 days to  do some sourcing and purchasing of Moroccan Beni Ourain Carpets and local handmade textile’s for my “Atelier”. Images of souks and piles of spices fill my thoughts already.

I look forward to sharing my art and treasures with you then as well as unveiling my online shop as well. I also will be doing some pop-up art demo’s throughout the summer on Saturdays at my studio so be sure to watch my instagram or my FaceBook page where I will post the dates and times. I look forward to connecting with you, sharing my work and curated handmade products then. My online shop will be open as well for those of you who live anywhere else around the globe.