Summer's End and Fall's Beginning



Inhale the future and exhale the past ~

Next week we welcome fall. As I went out to grab coffee this morning after my jet lagged return last night from Europe, fall is definitely in the air. My favourite by far, the colours, and the scent and the excitement of what is to come…feels like new beginnings to me. Filled with many treats—pumpkins, apples, tall boots, new soups to try out, clothing to layer on, colorful leaves and the art crawl coming in October.2

For some it’s the new year, for others it’s back to school or simply the end of summer. Whatever it is to you stop to to honour summer’s end.

Perhaps a coffee with someone you’ve missed.

A trip to the farmers’ market.

Writing in the portable artist studio aka journal (using this journal prompt Summer ) One final beach walk with your iPhone camera (using the prompt…Changing to view with new eyes)

A yoga class with or series with Georgia at or Edie at and Laurel at


Something that provides a moment of reflection, passion and pause while honouring yourself and your values.

Before transitioning, I often reminisce on the past season while also organizing the new and for the second year I will be participating in Leah Goard’s this friday as a way to set my intentions and priorities for this new season, I believe it isn't too late to join me.

As I ponder  the summer it was a joy although it went way too fast and wasn’t without it’s struggles — but that is life…using creativity to handle what life offers us…is all I really have any control over.

It was filled with travel, connection, experiences, learning, and creating with a few challenges thrown in. I am… grateful loved grace brave


How do you honor the changing of the seasons? Do you have a ritual or path of reflection?

These pauses hold space to close one door and open the next.

Looking forward to what’s to come while giving gratitude to what was.

I look forward to celebrating + creating this fall with you ~

Michelle xox