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The Artists Quarters featuring Audrey Philips
Q & A about home with other artists and people I admire.


I came upon Audrey Phillips several years ago somewhere online and I was drawn to both her immediately, and her expression in paint…since then I have followed her progress as an artist and look so forward to one day meeting her and participating in one of her classes…perhaps it will be another part of the world Audrey? When I asked her if she would share her Artist’s quarters with us she he happily agreed.


What is home to you: 

I’ve owned the home I’m living in for more than 30 years and most of my adult life has been lived in this one space. With so much of the history of my life being embedded into the walls of this house, it’s easy to see why this home is a reflection of me. I love that I can still see glimpses of a younger me and my family all together in years past, relive memories of friends and fun times, celebrations that marked milestones in my life as well as sadness that shook me to my knees. It’s all here, on one small plot of land under my six big oak trees that have provided shelter from the sun while visibly marking my time here—having matured from spindly four inches saplings to elegant draping oaks now more than two feet in diameter.

And like me, this home has been growing and changing, shifting inside, being rearranged and renewed as I grow. Together, we’ve shared the shifts and changes. And one thing remains constant: Home is like medicine to me—the kind of calming elixir that brings comfort, reflection and insight. Years of meaningful moments, days of creative abundance and hours of meditation ring in between the walls of this house. Gratitude grows here!

Minimalist or Maximalist:

I am somewhere between mini and maxi but always working toward minimalist. So many of my beautiful artistic possessions contain heartfelt memories from travels and friends. I find them hard to part with them. I store them in a special closet and rotate them with the seasons so I avoid clutter


Colourful or Neutral?

Last year I moved back into the home I’ve owned for 30 years. I immediately painted all the walls white, refinished the hardwood floors and went for whites and neutrals. I find quiet, peace and solitude in this palette. In the hot summers it feels cool and inviting, in the winter it’s peaceful like a freshly fallen snow.

Best recent acquisition for your home:

Am I allowed to say my Dyson cordless vacuum? It’s not glamorous but oh do I love it. Coming in a close second is the new bed I purchased last year. It sits up high and when I crawl in between the soft white sheets and all the plushness every night, it reminds me of the high beds in my grandmother’s Mississippi home where I always felt safe and loved.


Next Acquisition:

A new front door for my 1950s home.


In junior high, I had an incredible Humanities teacher who introduced me to Greek philosophy. At that young age, the words “Know Thyself” always rang true with me, and still do. I also love the simplicity and power of Ghandi’s words: “Be Truthful, Gentle and Fearless.”

What do you collect:

I love collecting handmade vessels and bowls, tiny plants that I nourish and grow, things from nature (shells, bones, coral, pods, seedlings, branches, gnarly wood pieces).


Favourite spot in your home:

In the morning, my favorite spot is in my kitchen, sipping coffee on my loveseat with my dog Bodhi right by my side. In the afternoon, it’s on my living room couch where all the light pours in. At night, I can hardly wait to crawl in bed.

Favorite source:

The place inside that feels wise and true.

What drives your aesthetic decisions:

Nature has a direct influence on my senses and I see that connection play out in my décor and my art. I love natural accessories in my home (handmade papers, natural fibers, knotted woods and plants. My paintings almost always have a reference back to nature.


Favourite top 10 things for your home:

My Buddha from Timor My huge vintage butcher block in my kitchen My Ed Paschke art Paintings, sculptures and pottery from my artist friends My bed My antique pie safe The antique sideboard my mother gave me

Morning Ritual:

Morning meditation, coffee, walking my dog Bodhi and a Body Pump class 2x a week. I admit, I love the first three the most!

Family Heirloom:

My mother’s pearls and antique sideboard


Where do you create:

In my art studio about 4 miles from my home.

Do you have a daily creative practice:

In addition to being in my art studio, I consider my daily meditation an integral part of my creative practice. Gardening, cooking, treasure hunting and nature hikes fall into this category as well.

Favourite top 10 art supplies:

I’m a pretty basic painter: Paint, medium, brushes, water. But what comes to mind is my 3” rubber shaper tool for applying paint and scraping it away, a spray bottle of water, an array of brushes from expensive to dirt cheap (they all have unique marks).

Best Gift Given:

The best gift given to me is my life and the wonderful friendships and adventures along the way.


Best Gift Received:

My life and the wonderful friendship and adventures along the way.

Favorite Hobby or Pastime:

Sitting on a porch with friends anywhere, nature hikes, antiquing and treasure hunting for unusual, vintage décor pieces

Favourite thing to eat + drink:

Fresh veggies and fruits, fresh Florida seafood and oysters, Southern soul food and cornbread, yummy curries and Thai food, homemade ice creams, green tea, strong coffee and a fabulous Cabernet.

Best place visited this past year:

I have two: Costa Rica and Grayton Beach, FL

Best thing about what you do:

I feel so fortunate to meet so many amazing artists and art lovers simply by living an artful life.

The thing you love most about where you live:

The lush landscape, the constant sunshine and abundant light, the beach, warm salty breezes and the best winters ever!

What is on your bedside table:

I’m currently reading the Joan Mitchell Lady Painter by Patricia Albers. I always have the book On Art and Mindfulness close by. It’s written by Enrique Martinez Celaya. I am also enjoying Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver.

Next dream for yourself:

To be more like Michelle Fletcher: Combine travel, teaching and art making.

Best wish for those you love:

Good health, an open heart, openness to what is different, fearless curiosity and acceptance of what is right now.

Biggest Ask for the whole world:

I’ll go back to Ghandi’s words: “Be Truthful, Gentle and Fearless.”


Thank you so much Audrey for sharing a piece of your soul with us…If a person's home is a window into their soul, then an artist's studio is a window into their creative genius….looking forward to that share as well.

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Michelle xo