The Artists Quarters - JEANNE OLIVER


The Artists' Quarters: featuring Jeanne Oliver
Q & A about home with other artists and people I admire.


What is home to you:

Home is where I gather, rest, create and love. I don't think there is anywhere I would rather be than home and that is because it is a safe and peaceful space. Not always quiet or easy but the heart of our home is peace with each other. At least it is a work in progress. It is where I turn our music up, cook barefoot, cuddle up and read and welcome others that we love.

Minimalist or maximalist:

We are a nice mix. I like clean lines and not a lot of extras. We are still putting this new home together so over time I know we will find the balance that we are looking for.

Colorful or neutral:

Our palette is more neutral with pops of color. Not intense colors though.

Favorite spot:

I love being out on our land but if I had to pick a place in the home I could say the kitchen. It is just the gathering spot of our home. It is where we have coffee in the morning, cook while the kids are at the table and we surround the island while friends are over.

What drives your aesthetic decisions:

What I am drawn too. I also try not to buy things that I can not see myself using and loving in a few years. I try not to be too trendy. I love to bring in rustic woods, vintage linens, art work and cozy furniture.


Favorite 10 things for the home:

fresh flowers/plants, candles, music and our turntable, comfy furniture, works of art, blankets to cuddle up in, beautiful lighting, books and books and books, all the coffee and the people you love.

Morning ritual:

Coffee with my husband. The best start to the day. I then try to spend time either walking, doing a devotional or finding a moment of quiet before the kids wake up. This is the time when I also answer early morning emails.

Family heirloom:

I have art from my Grandma Jeanne's home. It is probably my most precious material possession. I believe the other family heirloom that has been passed down is to live a beautiful and creative life. I saw this in action most of my life through many women in my family.

Where do I create:

Sometimes in the front yard, kitchen table, cafe and many times in my studio.

Daily creative practice:

I hope I am showing creativity in how I love on my family, feed them, put our home together, dress and sometimes I even get out into the studio.

10 art supplies:

charcoal, art journal, mechanical pencil, clear gesso, white gesso, soft pastels, watercolor pencils, red oxide ink, black stabilo, acrylics

Best gift received:

A Francoise Gilot from my Grandma Jeanne

Favorite hobby or past time:

Reading, hiking, working in my art journal, hangout out with my family, cooking, shopping at flea markets.

Favorite thing to eat and drink:

I like really fresh ingredients. I love unique mixes of flavors and just fresh and colorful foods. My favorite things to drink are water and coffee. And wine. Definitely wine. And margaritas.

Best place visited this past year:

France for The Living Studio Normandy.

Best thing about what you do:

I get to work from home, create a business with my whole family and I get to live creatively. I get to dream and then walk those dreams out. Nothing better!

The thing you love most about where you live:

The mountains. I think nothing is more gorgeous here than when the mountains all look payne's grey as the sun is setting. What is on your bedside table: Books. Stacks and stacks of books.

Next dream for yourself:

To create larger works of art Best wish for those you love: To truly follow their gifts and passions. For them to all see the value in their own creative path and to use their gifts to bring joy in their own life, bless those around them and to glorify the Lord.

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