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The Artists Quarters: featuring Susan Stover
Q & A about home with other artists and people I admire.


You all probably know my great friend Susan Stover and her outstanding work. Sue is my partner in "The Art of Travel, Inspired Journey to India" 2017.

I first met her as a teacher at Encausticamp that Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch hosts every July in Dumas Bay.

Our mutual love of textiles, cultures and travel as well many late nights filled with fun and laughter and ok maybe some wine, have resulted in a friendship that I cherish deeply. We are leaving soon on our Journey to India January 15, 2017...

We are also joining Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch in Amsterdam in September to share the waxy goodness that is EncaustiCampInt'l 2017 with you in the Nederland's. Check that out ~


What is home to you?

Home is where I can relax, kick back, be surrounded by my family and friends. It’s where I’m most comfortable. Where I most like to be. It’s more of a feeling than a singular place. I’ve had many homes over the years, but the home I’m in now is the longest I’ve lived anywhere - 15 years.

Minimalist or Maximalist:

Little bit of both. I like to have things out that inspire me but don’t like a lot of clutter.

Colourful or Neutral?

Again I’ll have to say a little of both. Mostly neutral with pops of color.

Best recent acquisition for your home:

New carpet in our living room.


Next Acquisition :

Seems like something always needs to be replaced, so probably nothing too exciting, a new kitchen faucet maybe.

What do you collect:

Textiles and sculptures from other countries. I love patterns and anything handmade.


Favourite spot in your home:

In the winter, in my living room, on the couch with a fire in the wood stove. In the summer, on the deck that my husband built surrounded by the garden.

What drives your aesthetic decisions:

Mostly comfort and function. It’s not a big house so I can’t have a lot of extra things around. I have to be conscious of what’s in it and how to best use the space.


Favourite top 10 things for your home:

art from people I know items collected from other countries furniture handed down from family wood stove Vitamix apple peeler/corer tea kettle hot tub good set of knives

Morning Ritual:

I’d love to say I get up and meditate or do yoga, but I typically get up, make a cup of tea, feed the dog and check my emails.

Family Heirloom:

A painting of me that my grandfather did when I was 4. Sitting for that portrait is one of my earliest memories and he died shortly after that.


Where do you create:

In my studio, on my couch, in my dining room, in the car, on the plane, in my head before I go to sleep.

Do you have a daily creative practice:

I work full time as an artist, so every day is filled with some aspect of art. Every day is a creative practice. I try to convince myself that bookkeeping can also be creative and is a necessary practice.

Favourite top 10 art supplies:

encaustic paint pan pastels oil sticks silk fabric indigo dye rusty bits I find pigments from Italy nice papers threads and fibers good power tools

Best Gift Given:

Not sure. I want to say something intangible like ‘friendship’ or ‘love’ but you’d have to ask a recipient. It’s entirely subjective.


Best Gift Received:

A painting my daughter did when she was young that says “I (heart) Mom.” I keep it in my studio.

Favorite Hobby or Pastime:

I like to make books, baskets, crochet or knit. Anything to keep my hands busy.


Favourite thing to eat + drink:

Any good vegetarian food, and wine!

Best place visited this past year:

Italy! I wasn’t prepared for just how much I would love it. The art, the people, the food! I can’t wait to go back!

Best thing about what you do:

I get to spend every day doing exactly what I want. It is challenging at times and a struggle, but that’s what it’s about for me to grow as an artist.


The thing you love most about where you live:

What’s not to love? I live in the northern California wine country in a small town. It’s beautiful, there are lots of other artists, it’s close to San Francisco.

What is on your bedside table: Yoga magazines, several art books and a good mystery.

Next dream for yourself:

Continue to grow as an artist and person. Being selective in teaching and travel and maintaining a balance with studio time. Having a place where I have room to invite other artists to visit and create.


Biggest wish for those you love:

Happiness in what they do and who they are.

Biggest Ask for the whole world:

Kindness and willingness to work together

Namaste Sue xo

To check out Sue go to her website here susanstover




This the car I have rented for our Roadtrip...after our group retreat, Sue and her husband Kyle and myself will be on a scouting mission, driving around Rajasthan and Gujarat to put together what will be "The Art of Travel India 2018" ~

If this speaks to you follow us on Social Media, or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know the details here, as we will be only taking 10 this time as well.

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