The Endless Practice and The Art of Creating

Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness. ― Allen Ginsberg

The Artist's Journey is all about the process of creating ... the evolution in practice and process over time.The Endless Practice of being who we are meant to be is the path in which I wander...It seems as of late the Art of Creating has been on a winding labyrinth of alleyways, souks and desert landscapes. I have been showing up and answering yes to all that lights my soul on fire, it has been a blessing to finally be freed of the shoulds and should nots and instead replacing it with the "hell yes" to every opportunity and experience that comes my way...if it feels in alignment with my soul and I can part the mountains to make that shift... fly, I am on it!!

I have deciding that my one and only truth is to be me, all imperfectly unique bit of me and that nobody can know what I need or feel and with that as my compass I am travelling light and flying fast...destination unknown but for me the journey is the destination because we all know what the final one is... so, lets go and live like we are dying because we are...not sure when but certain of the outcome just the same.

My art practice had shifted in the endless planes, trains and automobiles and my portable artist studio has been taking up too much space so I have picked up my camera, in fact I have just purchased my new camera OMG!! I am having an affair with this beauty and can hardly wait to share with you what will be my show this July - image heavy from my travels to India and Morocco.


Speaking of Morocco it is my new love, I do have many loves I know and they all are my favourite when I am there but what stands the test of time is my relationship and connections that have been made while there. I am working on two retreats for 2018 in Morocco as well. One being an road trip of sorts, sitting the highlights and working with the local artisans and the second will focus on doing deep in the desert, the Sahara, where we will be immersed in all things wise and wonderful...please be sure to be on the newsletter and the info and dates will be added there first followed by information and details on this site.


I am busy gathering all that is required for my upcoming "The Art of Travel Inspired Journey to India 2017", I leave on Saturday to get things arranged for the lovely men and women who will be joining me there...YAY!!

I hope that your days are filled with your own creative adventures, because it isn't where you are it is how you are showing up that makes a difference. To Inspired Journey's and seeing with a different lens.

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Be kind, be love + be you

M xox