The Sense of Sight


Exploring Your Senses: SIGHT

“In a way nobody sees a flower really, it is so small, we haven’t the time
– and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.”
- Georgia O'Keeffe

Look Up, Look Down, Look Around

Hello Creatives. This is my invitation to dig deeper into your world, find inspiration in your everyday using the wonder of your six senses -- sight, smell, sound, touch, taste and intuition.

Our goal will be the renewal of our senses – becoming more aware of them, how we use them and how we can strengthen them. Our senses bring us back into the present moment. It’s so easy to wander through life on auto pilot, with our eyes shut, our senses dialed down…a state of semi consciousness. That is why when you are out of your comfort zone, doing something something different, a new activity, you are afraid, or maybe travelling in a foreign country, your senses heighten and become engaged in a way that seems new, but we can recreate that experience by being mindful and bringing a sense of adventure to each moment.


  • a journal, to document your thoughts, feelings, memories & discoveries
  • a camera (or smart phone) to record your findings
  • an open mind, open heart and a sense of adventure

For each sense I’ll be giving you exploration prompts ... perhaps something to practice; something to incorporate into your morning ritual; or something to try that day.



We don’t have to travel to a far-off land to renew our eyes. There are so many layers of possibilities to be discovered right outside our own door. To be able to really see we must train ourselves to look beyond the familiarity of our every-day.

Let’s make our eyes really focus in by looking for key colours and shapes with our cameras (or smart phones).


As you go about your days this week, capture what you see. Use the list below as your guide, or make one of your own.

  • The colours green, red and blue.
  • Letters/fonts – together or separate.
  • Circles – the moon, it might be a ring, or maybe a stone.

For each colour or shape on the list, I want you to:

  • look inside – eg. a green bowl , a blue book
  • look up – letters on a sign, in a tree
  • look down – around-shaped rock, green grass
  • look for objects – a red pen, a round tire
  • look for abstracts – a refection on the blue ocean, an abstraction in a piece of driftwood

Some colours/things are going to be easier to find than others, and you may see that the categories and locations overlap as you work through them – that’s okay. It’s completely up to you how you work through this exploration – you may want to tackle one per day, or taking yourself on an artists adventure and filling your backpack or messenger bag with your journal, phone and sheet to keep track of your captures and findings.


Everything I give you on this is simply a starting point. Some ideas you may want to follow to the letter; some won’t resonate at all ; others might inspire you to take the challenge in a new direction. It is my goal to get you seeing with a new sense of wonderment, so that each day you’re a little more aware of what’s around you as you go about your life.


It might be a colour... a smell... a sound.... a taste. Whatever it is, I’m hoping it will catch your eye and give you a moment to pause, to feel and carry that inspiration into your day.