The Practice of Art

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creativity is a habit, it is not something that happens in the shower -

The practice of Art, isn’t so much about me not being creative, as my creative pursuits have been vast but I am thinking about the actual practice of making art!!

This last year and half, from the time of actually removing my art supplies from my studio in Canada until now, my practice of actually painting has not been a consistent one. A piece here and there, and a few workshops but nothing that I would call real studio time.

Like all habits, self care, exercise or eating well, painting also requires a practice , , , the daily or almost daily practice of showing up whether feeling like it or not, “the fake until you make it”. With many distractions and new huge endeavours taking my focus and energy, this essential part of my creative life has taken a back seat. The result hasn’t left much in the new work department but equally as important, it hasn’t given me that outlet that I often need to work things out and tune in. Often when we need something the most, you can still let it fall off your radar!

So as to the why’s, who knows, I am certain to have an arsenal of reasons, and stories but at the end of the day my energy is best used getting back on with the actual making of art?

With this on my mind, I am acknowledging that I have let one of the most loved parts of my life and my business down by acting as though it wasn’t a priority, while telling myself that I was still being creative? The truth is when I am stressed I often fall back into old patterns of behaviour, the idea that I can only paint or create when I am stress-less, a certain studio space, loads of uninterrupted time, and the one that is about needing the RIGHT art supplies?

I know this to be bull but man does it let me off the hook for a while, then I realize that I am caught up in an old pattern and the way out isn’t waiting for the stress to leave, the free time to appear or the art supplies that I need (want) but it is to do it anyway, in spite of, no matter where, when, or with what . . . the action of DOING is the way out! To begin is the always the hardest part and the most essential.

The other things, time, space, supplies, come and go but it is the practice of making the actual art that makes life hard parts all more tolerable, manageable and sometime even beautiful.

On this day, I promise myself to begin, one day at a time, putting paint to paper, canvas or board and just begin and hopefully the practice of making art will be the eventual outcome. One day at a time, again, repeat, again and again!

Peace + Paint,

Michelle xx