Kamal Yassine

Kamal Yassine, our Morocco and Marrakesh Coordinator, has been working in the field of tourism for 12 years.


He enjoys this experience above all others because he has been able to share his passion and connect, making friends all over the world. He also attributes learning more about his own country through the eyes of travellers and what they share with him.

His main goals during your trip are to make you feel like a friend, and to share his Berber heritage and culture. Kamal’s favourite part of his job is to ensure that you have great time and connect with the villagers and local people. Kamal’s good humour shines through his work and he and clients often laugh together over their shared adventures.

Kamal is a photographer, artist, and drummer; he loves to discuss life and philosophy. He speaks 4 languages including English, and is always open to learning more about other people from all over the world.

Kamal started working with his grandfather when he was a boy. After graduating from university, he followed his heart and returned to his roots in the desert. He took over his grandfather's hotel, and continues to share his love of Morocco and the desert while operating Kasbah Ait is Foul in the magical Sahara Desert.

Without Kamal, none of this would be possible.